Healthcare workers save lives.
Now we’re taking action to save our country

As healthcare workers, we have been–and continue to be–at the forefront of the fight against COVID19, putting our own lives at risk to save others.

This country deserves elected leaders who will fight to keep us all safe and healthy–at work and in our communities. And by talking to voters now, we can make this vision a reality on November 3rd.

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How to get started calling/texting Voters

Step 1

Sign Up to Use Our Calling/Texting Tool

Get started by signing up for an account on CallHub, our calling and texting tool. Even if you’ve got a CallHub account for another campaign, you’ll need a new one to contact voters for Healthcare United.

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Step 2

Learn How to Contact Voters

We’ve put together two simple “how to” videos for how to use our tool, CallHub. Whether you’re interested in making calls or sending texts, these videos will show you how.

How to Call Voters

How to Text Voters

Do you have a question or are you having trouble? Take a look at our frequently asked questions document for help. If you’re still stuck, please reach out here and we’ll get back to you.

Step 3

Start Contacting Voters!

Once you’ve signed up for a Healthcare United CallHub account and learned how to use the tool, you’re ready to get started. Click below to launch CallHub and join a call or text campaign.

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Share Your Story

This is about YOU. Your experiences. Your priorities. Your stories.

Tell us – and healthcare workers in key states – about how this election will affect you and your community.

Take a minute to record a video that explains why this election is so important and why you’re working to turn out voters.